Oriental Lights The Art of Khairat Al-Saleh Ceramics I




Egyptian intimations: Porcelain




Small Bowl: Porcelain






Stoneware vase


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Handcrafted pots

thrown on the wheel and painted in vivid colours and luster.




Moonlit lapis Lazuli Series


I made these pots driven by my great love for the colour blue.

They were thrown on the wheel then turned. After the first firing, they were painted in underglazes and fired several times in order to attain the different shades of blue. Before the last firing, gold lustre was painted in order to enrich and enhance. The glaze applied to the pots is a mat glaze and the firing temperature is 1250 centigrade.






Small Porcelain Bowl


Small Bowl : Porcelain



Arabesque Plate Porcelain


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