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The two paintings below have in common with most of khairat'a painted ceramics the discipline and meticulous attention to detail. They are painted on paper in gouache and the gilded parts use the techniques of gold leaf and gold ink which were employed in the art of manuscripts and miniatures.





      The Road to Damascus (detail)                                                                                 Iram of the Tall Columns (detail)



Unlike the control and discipline which characterise the artist’s ceramics, and the paintings above, this group of paintings signify a break away from all confines in order to describe in vivid colours and luminous lights the ecstasy and joy of experiencing nature and the mysteries of our planet.


    Andalusian Intimations






 The Night of Power







Khairat used her paintings and etchings to create videos which lifts the works of art to another plane where the drama of colour and pattern creates an archetypal dance. Sacred Geometry and Cosmic Dance Heaven and Earth accompanied by music transcend the limits imposed by a static space.



























































Cosmic Dance

Where Did We Dance






















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